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there isn't a score counter on your game..... maybe learn how to add a couple of things, like something to add up your score, and maybe a couple of other features and you will have a decent game, maybe something should happen when you get a certain amount of food in your dude, i dunno man play about with it then re-submit

pretty fun game, this would be awesome on a touch screen haha,
not a bad game at all i love fruit ninja so this is pretty sick

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its an alright made game, i wouldn't play it myself but only because i don't really enjoy driving games, but nice one i hope you get a decent score mate

not bad idea, although i literally nearly passed out onto my keyboard,
it would be nice if you could actually control the car instead of just blow it fast enough to win.....i would say work on it mate and make an it a game worth playing, and the blowing thing should give a boost that lasts longer to stop people dropping like fly's, but good idea

i don't want to have too clean bikes all day in real life and certainly not in a game where it lacks purpose completely, at least in real life i'd have a clean bike to ride about on...


not being funny but think about what you submit before you do so if you put in a warning it may of been funny, i dont have epilepsy but what if i did? this isent worth voting on i dont know how it got through...no offence im sure you are capable of making something worthwhile

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10000 CLICKS

yeahh boy


done with 100 lives left on medium lol im so proud good game make another one

i got 48

i liked the game it was good i got 48 it well dissed me lol but it made it better when i said im not single it said doubt it lol it was awsome mate i think more questions would make it good lol nice work

K-Guare responds:

Haha, it disses everyone. :]
Thanks a lot, i appreciate the feedback.
Thanks for the review :D

im gona say sumin lol

a lovley game but a kife where you can carve words and shapes into him carve skin off would kick arse lol a blowtorch lol you get me a hammer lol vice stuff like that maby like hammer shit under his nails no one likes thaat lol

hey im frank a guy who just wants to be good at flash and in the ufc and worlds strongest man lol

31, Male


notre dame



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