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loved it but.....

this game is awsome but i think after you get all the shit there should be a highscore mode where you cant go into space as i think it is slightly gay the way it ust ends if he goes to space other than that this game is tons of fun

good game

good game some mre power ups would be good though mate fun though i used to play it on the snez:)

evil-knuckles responds:

What would you want? I have bombs, lasers, chargeshot, summon crew, Giant laser, and a bullet barrage.

nice game

god game but i think you should add ore levles but like i said really good

I like the game

i liKed the game but it takes a bit too long to reload and change guns which by the time i have i have been killed. NICE ANYWAY


awsome mate i voted 4/5 i would of liked it so much more if i hadent used a touchpad mouse but thats not your fault awsome mate cheers for that game

20 days

heya i survived 20 days i reckon you should have the option to continue to get the rest of the guns i needed 2 more other wise brill game


i beat him then he turned into a skull it took me like 7 minits but i done it lol finally i wanted to see levle 5 but i couldent lol i liked the golden spear one though good work i think you should make it like huge

Happy birthday mate

good idea i love tetris aswell and happy birthday mate 5/5 10/10

pretty cool man

i liked it although lol when i saw a praying mantis i thought i might be able to eat it even though t was huge took me 2 goes to realise that it is impossible to kill and eat id say a 10/10 but if you make another if it was more challanging that would kick ass well done


i love the indestructo tank seires but you could make the game better by letting you hit the ground before running out of fuel and exploding i the amount of time i have faild mid huge combo lol but thanks for making it and keep it up

hey im frank a guy who just wants to be good at flash and in the ufc and worlds strongest man lol

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