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learn sumin new every day

im only giving it a 10 star cos it did teach me somthing lol i knew all of it accept the strength one, quite usefull for me seeings as i powerlift,
i dont smoke but next time a mate is smoking next to me im going to take it as an attack on myself lol and beat them into submission :)


slipknot phychosocial and aome awsome stick fighting lol can it get much better

you have played the game phi ops right

nice video nice song surprised to hear it on here actually i first heard it on a game phi ops make by midway games i bet you played that game i saw some of the things like setting people on fire and making heads blow up you can do on the game any way nice work and keep it up

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there isn't a score counter on your game..... maybe learn how to add a couple of things, like something to add up your score, and maybe a couple of other features and you will have a decent game, maybe something should happen when you get a certain amount of food in your dude, i dunno man play about with it then re-submit

pretty fun game, this would be awesome on a touch screen haha,
not a bad game at all i love fruit ninja so this is pretty sick

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its an alright made game, i wouldn't play it myself but only because i don't really enjoy driving games, but nice one i hope you get a decent score mate

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go you!

final fantasy rocks man and u just made a fun little tune there mate well done

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this is pretty phat mate, all the muscles in the extra arms look like they are int he right place, the shading is spot on i'd love to see more of this guy in your work :)

hey im frank a guy who just wants to be good at flash and in the ufc and worlds strongest man lol

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notre dame



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