Entry #2

hey guys i just need to know where to get some good sounds for a stick fight help

2008-02-01 21:28:00 by frankyboy7

haya guys i really really need some figting sounds for my new animation i cant post it with no sound lol it is a nice little fight though but you know you cant have a guy beating down and not screaming


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2008-04-09 01:18:34

I can help you out if you are looking for sounds. A while back I was looking for sounds too. Try using this Xiao Xiao sound pack I found off of the Newgrounds fourm. Here's the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=R6H4TYW0

frankyboy7 responds:

cheers buddy it really helps


2008-10-13 19:19:50

jiggalow? lmao. hmmm well you could google for sounds. or you could also use http://www.findsounds.com/ guud luck. :3